City Parcel Movers, Hobart couriers, pick up and delivery

Pleased to meet you

City Parcel Movers is a committed delivery service for the public and professional community of Hobart.

City Parcel Movers was locally created and is Tasmanian owned and operated. It was established by Theodore Trambas in 2018.

We offer a first class parcel delivery service for all members of the Hobart community – for business, commercial and residential deliveries. We are a growing business and look forward to serving more areas within our reach.

We are passionate about our local community and the people who’ve made it such a great place.

We are always looking to improve your experience in dealing with us – both professionally and personally.

Other things you might want to know

  • When your parcel is traveling with us, whether it be delicate and fragile, sensitive documents, clothing and apparel or just a regular item, you can be assured that there is a safe place for your item to travel.
  • If your items need to be handled with care, you can let us know and it will be traveling securely and safely at no extra charge.
  • City Parcel Movers DOES NOT transport unsealed food or beverages in any circumstance – so those with allergies can feel at ease.
  • We offer a discount on our services to all veterans, pensioners, students, teachers and nurses.

Meet the founder




Theo is City Parcel Movers’ owning operator and founder.
He comes from a professional background in industrial customer communications, retail sales and sports organisation.
When he’s not in the van he’s likely to be on his motorcycle, rocking his air guitar, or maybe even believing he’s the greatest cook ever. You might catch him playing computer games too.

Meet the van



Delivery van

The actual Parcel Mover – a practical and efficient work horse.
With frequent pick-ups and deliveries, and an array of different items that customers want sent, we knew we needed a reliable, safe and secure vehicle.
That’s why we chose Reni – a sleek, twin-turbo Renault Trafic purchased from Hobart Renault, equipped with specialised compartments for various types of cargo.
On days off, Reni enjoys driving through the Tasmanian countryside or a cool chamois in the shade.

The story

Coming from a mechanical engineering family business, Theo has had extensive experience in dealing with the delivery and receiving of goods for various jobs.

Throughout his 15-year tenure, it became apparent to him that there are countless working hours – for many firms – being sacrificed for sending employees offsite for pick-up of parts for labour. He hit upon an idea that would help: a local courier business that filled the gaps the larger courier companies could not.

After leaving the family business, Theo spent years working in the retail industry, refining his customer service skills. Yet again, there was another opportunity for his idea to help the community: adding revenue to a retail business by offering a home delivery service.

Theo recognised one more element that he could add to this service: simply helping out the public community – many of which are in need of supplies but don’t have the means to acquire them.

So City Parcel Movers was created – a business whose core values are based upon exceptional customer service and prompt delivery of goods, a business that is constantly evolving and adapting to various customers’ needs.